Sunday, July 22, 2012


A baby quilt for Amilcar
A couple of years ago I received an email from a lady named Cheryl who I shared a room with on a retreat a year or so prior.  She was going on a mission trip, and was asking for several items – pencils and paper, potholders, clothes, financial support, blankets .... 

At the time, our Helping Hands (then called Binky Patrol) had some extra blankets on hand, and we agreed we could send for this mission trip.  At the time, all we knew was they were going to a mission in El Salvador, and that they would be used to bless people.  When we later received a thank you letter and update from the mission’s founder, Cordelia, I learned more about Cordelia and what the purpose of the Mission.

When Cordlia was very young girl, her mother gave shelter to a young lady with a six month old daughter.  The young lady was full of blood because her drunken husband had beaten her up.  This sight impacted Cordelia so much that she remembers it to this day.  Seeing her mother help so many elderly and single mothers fueled her passion to start Bethlehem Inn Missions.  Bethlehem Inn Missions gives shelter to the elderly, to single mothers and their children, and to orhpans so that they can have a place to call home.

Cordelia and her husband Irv have made it their life's work to use Bethlehem Inn Missions to help those Salvadorians who have been forgotten – the very poor living in mountain regions.  People such as these live in dire poverty.  The shelter, food, and basic services which most persons take for granted elsewhere are not available to El Salvador's destitute.  Their goal is to change this scenario by providing the basic necessities of life, as well as to bring as many as they can to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

And through connections that could only have been arranged by God, our little church in Long Beach has been able to minister to the elderly, single mothers and their children, and to orphans in El Salvador, a nation whose very name means “The Savior.”