Friday, May 30, 2008

More stories of God's love

A couple of weeks ago I asked people to share stories of God's love. Here is a submission from Martha in California:

One of my most outstanding stories of knowing God's love happened many years ago. My daughter was only seven months old. She was very ill with a high fever caused by I knew not what.

After taking her to the doctor's office, I was told to immediately get her to the emergency hospital. As I frantically drove I prayed silently that God would be with both of us. With Mary to let her live and with me to make the trip safely.

In the process, she stopped breathing twice, but recovered her breath.

We were met by nurses and a pediatrician at the door to the hospital and she was taken away for treatment. After what seemed an eternity, the doctor came and told me that she should, with God on our side, survive.

God was with us and he did allow her to survive, unscathed, to become a lovely, caring and giving, young lady and a daughter to be proud of.

I have thanked God for his love everyday since then.

God shows love to us in many different ways. How has He shown His love to you lately?

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