Friday, September 18, 2009

Something Heavenly

This week our group's blog topic is "If the world was somehow sucked into a blackhole and entered an alternate universe, what would your ideal vision of that universe be?"

To me, any "ideal alternate universe" would be heaven. As Chris said in a blog post once, "This life here (on earth) is really just the starting point; a training ground for when we get to heaven."  Every now and then I can't help but wonder what heaven will be like ...

Here are some random questions on that topic. I'm sure that the answers to many of these questions will be quite serendipitous.
  • Is there an "express lane" for Christians to enter heaven?
  • When we are “clothed in our heavenly dwelling” what will we look like? (Seeds often look nothing like the mature plant ... will our "heavenly dwelling" look anything like our earthly human form?)
  • What will be along the streets of gold? Street vendors? Mansions? Will there be cars? Will the streets have gutters? Will they have "No Parking" zones?
  • Will we need the internet in heaven?
  • Will the Book of Life be online, or is it all manually written down?
  • After Jesus, who is the first person I would want to see?
  • Is fishing allowed in the River of Life? What about skinny-dipping?
  • What does an angel really look like?
  • What kind of food will be at the feast?
  • How many people can be seated at the table?
  • Will I have to wait in a line to be with Jesus?
  • Will everyone in heaven always get along?
  • Will there be people in heaven surprised to see that I was allowed in?
  • Who will I be looking for that didn't enter the Kingdom?
  • What am I doing today to be sure that my friends and loved ones still on earth will someday meet me in heaven?

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