Sunday, August 31, 2008

And now for a word from Our Father ...


You know that I've been watching you as you go about your daily business. I hear your morning prayers asking me for help, and I hear your evening prayers thanking me for seeing you through another day, and giving your burdens over to me. I've been there the whole time in between, answering your prayers.

I knew that you needed companionship. I gave you a best friend for a season. Even though you have grown apart I used the relationship and the things you shared to influence a major decision on your job today.

You pray for my blessing on your meals, and pray that I keep you healthy. It's no coincidence that you haven't used any sick days this year.

Each morning you thank me for the beautiful day, but I see you spend your time inside, hardly looking at my Creativity du jour. The sky, the trees, the air temperature, the cloud formations -- I did this for you.

I hear your prayers for Aunt Fannie, asking me to heal her. I really do hear. But, child, my will for Aunt Fannie is to heal her hardened heart, more so than healing her body. Look closely -- you will see a change in her spirit.

Last night you gave me your burden of youth who compromise because parents don't seem to be involved. This morning you asked me to use you for my purposes today, and I answered you. Remember the woman who cut in front of you at the grocery store, and you held your tongue? I allowed her to do that. I chose your line to cut in front of. Why? Why would I do that to you, you ask? Because the moment wasn't about you. It wasn't even about her. It was about her son. You see, if she waited for you to go ahead of her, she would have arrived home from work too late to prevent her son from compromising his values and having sex with his girlfriend -- and becoming teenage father.

I answer all of your prayers. You just don't see it because you are looking for different answers. In some cases you even lose interest in your prayer because you've gone on to other desires to ask me for. I'm not slow to answer. I answer according to my timeline, not yours.

Will you do something today? Right now? Take a few minutes to celebrate. It doesn't have to be on large scale like a birthday party or anything like that (although I give you birthdays too). Celebrate the many ways I answer your prayers. Smile a beaming smile. Sing a happy song of praise. Tell someone that I love them. Tell someone who is sad that I can make things OK. Take a deep breath of fresh air. Savor your food (yes, even the burnt food). Show kindness to someone. Rejoice! Be glad Take delight in what I have done for you.

I say it again, Rejoice!

I'll be rejoicing right along with you.


Nykki said...

Thank you Mary...I am just finding my way back...and are wrong...hurricanes do pass...but not when you are the eye...but it's ok...with God...ALL things will pass...

Mandee said...

Thank you, awesome post! It reminded me of a scripture in Luke 11:11-13: "If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will ye give him a stone?... If ye then, being evil [meaning imperfect], know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give tahe Holy Spirit to them that ask him?
This is a passage from one of my favorite books on prayer:
"There are times in our lives when I think the Lord says, "I gave you bread, but it wasn't the kind of bread you wanted and because you keep thinking about the kind of bread you wanted you've turned my bread into a stone... God does not give stones - only bread."