Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guess Who's Coming for Dinner

If you found out that a high-profile celebrity were to come to your home, what would you do? I think the first thing I would want to know is How much time do I have to prepare. Then I'd spread the word, hoping some of my friends would join the party.

Let's say that this mega-star is Jesus Christ himself.

"Honey, set an extra place at the table tonight. Jesus is coming."

"I hope the Son of God likes pot roast. What kind of wine should I serve?"

"I think just water will be fine."

That exchange reminds me of the story of Martha and Mary, when Jesus came to their home. Martha was preoccupied with being the first-century Martha Stewart. Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus, taking in everything He said. Martha irritated that she was doing all the work. She was caught up in the preparation that she forgot to take time to enjoy her guest!

How do you view Jesus' return to earth?

For those that don't know Jesus' love and forgiveness, they may view the Second Coming with the fear and stress and nausea of someone facing an IRS audit, worried that you might not have sufficient explanation for how they spent their resources.

As Christians, we ought to look expectantly to Jesus' return with the excitement of a child at Christmas time, eyes alight with anticipation of the reward in store for believing.

Since nobody but God knows when that time will be, everyday should be treated as though a VIP were coming to dinner!

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