Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hand-Me-Down Blessings

There's growing up "poor," and then there's growing up "po'." My family wasn't financially wealthy, but we were not po' either. We didn't have closets full of new clothes off the rack. Mom sewed a lot for us, and I had my fair share of hand-me-down's (even though I'm the oldest daughter). I think if we were po' we would have seen third-generation hand-me-downs of clothes that were home-made to begin with that were church rummage sale rejects. Not exactly the best - or even the best of what's left. Now, THAT'S po'!

But even if we were that po' I would have still felt blessed. Sure, I'd wonder if I'd ever get to go to dance classes or play in a soccer league like the "rich kids" at school. But at the end of the day, being blessed is not about what can be seen or about what money can provide.

I can't speak for families of the kids I grew up with, but our home was full of blessings. We didn't always have steak and potatoes at every meal, but mom and dad made a point of all of us eating together at the table whenever possible. Even when their business obligations required that their time was spent away from home they'd always make time for us, doing whatever they could so that we'd feel like we have priority over their work. We could count on them to not only provide the basic needs for physical survival but to take care of the emotional needs as well. Cuts and scrapes would get more than Bactine and a band-aid. They'd get the kiss to make it better too. And when it came to boy trouble, I learned early on that ice cream has incredible therapudic value!

I can tell you that my parents know how to be wealthy because they know how to be blessings to others in their lives. I've always seen them practicing acts of kindness to others, expecting nothing in return. When you generously give to others in that way, God divinely sanctions his blessings on your life. You just have to be open to receiving His outpouring of love. The more you give, the more you receive in God's economy. That's how it works when you can't outgive the Giver.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Is that a Jack Russell pictured on your profile? If sooo...check out my blog today....looks alot like my Mia!!!

Have a great day....LindaMay

Mary from the Prairie said...

That's my boy-dog Topper. He's a Rat Terrier. He looks a lot like your Mia though!