Saturday, May 30, 2009

A few days ago I was at my local McDonald's. While I was there I decided to do some people-watching. In my observations I honed in on how many decisions a typical customer makes just to satisfy a Mac-Attack.

My conclusion? Ten. A man (or woman) makes on average ten decisions in the brief time it takes to purchase a run-of-the-mill fast-food lunch:
  1. Purchase inside, or drive through (Inside. I have a personal need to attend to.)
  2. How can I help you? (I'd like a Big Mac, please.)
  3. The meal, or just the sandwich ? (It's lunchtime. I'll take the meal, please.)
  4. Would you like your meal Super-Sized? (No thanks. I'm driving.)
  5. Would you like an Apple Pie with that? (Sure, why not. Doctor says I need to add some fruit to my diet.)
  6. Is this for here, or to go? (To go, please.)
  7. How would you like to pay for this? (Cash.)
  8. (Do I break a $20, or dig in my pocket for exact change?) (Break the $20. It's faster.)
  9. (Should I put the coins in the box for Ronald McDonald's Charities?) (Nah, I might need the change later.)
  10. (What to drink?) (Diet Coke. It will balance out all the bad stuff I'm about to eat.)
I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned from this, but I'm just not seeing it. For now, I'm lovin' it!

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bvaliant4him said...

Thanks for pointing out how complicated my McDonald's visit really is! If I need to simplify, I know what place to avoid!