Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's none of your business

How am I doing?
A canned answer for a canned question.

I don't want to reveal what's really going on
I don't want to tip my hand
Only to show I've been dealt some crappy cards lately
Because, really, it's none of your business.

I keep it from you
Because I don't quite comprehend it myself
I don't feel "fine" sharing what I don't understand
So I keep it none of your business.

I need to process this trauma
But not with someone who will try to fix me
I'm still assessing the brokenness.
Fixing will come in time
Until then, it's none of your business.

Help me to keep from looking at the floor
To see there is still beauty in my life
To see the value of myself, my surroundings
To see that life is more than a series of transactions
And at the end of the day I am worth more
Than a dollar value assigned by someone else

Then maybe, just maybe,
I'll let it become your business.

1 comment:

bvaliant4him said...

This sounds like the "still in shock" stage of grief. Way to tell it like it is!