Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Topical Bloggers have had some pretty deep subjects to post about in recent weeks. Since it is my turn to choose the subject, I felt like taking a change of pace and post on "Chocolate Chip Cookies."

I could cop-out and simply cut and paste a blog post from my old Xanga site where I did a "how to" make chocolate cookies. But that would not be fair to the other writers in the group. But if you want proof that I am not always so serious, click here to read the "how not to" guide to baking.

I also remembered once upon a time reading about individual ingredients of chocolate chip cookies in a teamwork analogy, which could easily be adapted to talk about spiritual gifts and the church. Then I remembered where I read it ... from another blogger in the group. Since I don't want to steal the other writer's post, I'm leaving that one alone ... so that's out.

Thinking about something as simple as chocolate chip cookies brings to my mind a sense of being at home. I remember the tell-tale aroma of the cookies coming from the kitchen as mom brought them out of the oven, warning us not to touch them, that they were for dessert. After they cooled off but were still gooey we'd often try to sneak one to "test" it to be sure it was of its usual outstanding quality.

Chocolate chip cookies were instrumental in helping us to bond with our friends and develop social skills. I can't think of the number of times that I'd be with a group of friends at home with a fresh batch of cookies, talking about whatever our lives entailed at the time (usually boys). Even if there were some discord among us, a fresh batch of cookies and some milk worked untold wonders in restoring the equlibrium.

My brother even used chocolate chip cookies as a means of manipulating my sister. That story in the Xanga post that I linked to above is based on a true story. (my sister will give me stink-eye for this ... ) My sister had a pillow shaped like a turtle when she was younger. My brother Greg and his best friend Greg would "kidnap" the "attack turtle" and hold it for ransom - two dozen Tollhouse cookies - and my sister would spend the time to bake the cookies to redeem her turtle. For the two Gregs it worked every time! I suppose they used the cookies to strengthen their social skills with one another.

Yes, the more I think of it, the more I am convinced that every man, woman and child should experience fresh-baked homemade chocolate chip cookies.

(Now I know the real reason my kitchen has an oven!)

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