Tuesday, April 07, 2009

When I forgive

When I forgive ...
Is it for real?
You hurt me...
Is this the last time you will hurt me in this way?
You have consequences to deal with.
Once the price is paid...
Can I open my fist to release the grudge I've been holding?
Can I honestly give you a clean start,
Or is there a secret score card that I keep,
Someplace where I don't let anyone see it?

When I forgive ...
My trust in you is like a shattered ancient vase...
Can it ever be restored?
It doesn't make what you did OK.
If you go to the place where you hurt me before...
Can I let my guard down?
Will the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end,
Like the needles on a tamarack tree?

When I forgive...
I feel a burden lifted, a weight taken from me.
The distance between us becomes less and less.
Will I see a change?
Can our relationship move forward?

When I forgive...
It's a risk.
A risk that I have to take.

When I forgive...
It's because I love you.

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